UPDATE On This FANTASTIC Tent w/ a Living Room & 3 Individual Bedrooms PLUS a Built-In Screened Porch!! HOLY COW!!!

A lot of you have asked for this tent…

…I’ve researched, and so have a lot of you. LOL. I’ve gotten complaints for doing a story on a tent that was no longer made. :/ Sorry. My job is to find cool things as share them with you. I do research a lot of things, but if they have it up on YouTube, it should be good to go, at least in my opinion.

I did however, go one better. That, I’ll have to share with you on the next page. 😉

But 1st…here’s our original story…


Wow, I just ran across another awesome tent. This one is from the UK. I couldn’t find any US distributors so you would need to have it shipped. This is the Vango Diablo 900x and it is pretty AWESOME!

This tent measures just over 27 feet long by 28 feet wide. It is made of fire retardant polyester, and it has a screened front porch, a living room that measures roughly 11 feet by 13 feet and is just over 7 feet tall. It also has three bedrooms that can be zipped closed for complete privacy and each bedroom can comfortably sleep three. The Diablo also has a durable, waterproof, sewn in groundsheet and according to the salesperson, the whole tent “should” fold into a 2 1/2 foot by 7 inch square.

Check it out, I think you’ll like it.



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