Check out these campfires and smores!!

Check out these campfires and smores!!

Now that Halloween is around the corner, we have a decision to make…Do we go down to Wal-Mart or The Halloween Spirit Store (you know, the one that pops up at the beginning of Sept and disappears on Nov 1ST)??  Then, do we just buy some off the shelf costume that everyone else will be wearing also, or…are we devoted campers that will be inspired by these Campfire Theme Costumes and make our own?

Personally, I’ve never tried a Hershey’s horse s’more, have you?

Check them out, they will make you smile! 🙂


smores costume

Campfire Costume 3

smores costume 1

Campfire and smores costume

smores costume3

Campfire costume

smores costume4


And the winner is…..


by day

campfire-costume-with-marshmallow-roasting-glowingby night!

Great Job, Everyone!!!!

Now, will someone please come make me a costume? I have no creativity at all! 🙂

All Images found on Pinterest via momtasticSavvy Homemade, Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons, We Got Kidz


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