Keep the campfire burning

Keep the campfire burning

There is something about a campfire that just makes you smile. 😀 In fact, even before we pull into a campground, you can start to smell the smoke from the fire and it just makes you happy! If only you could put that smell in a bottle (the real smell, not some made in a lab smell), there would be many more happy people in this world.

So I just had to share this article from Happy Tourist, cause just hearing the word campfire made me happy!

Campfire Provides Warmth and Coziness
A campfire serves the main purpose of providing you and others on the camp warmth and coziness.

Provides an Area of Entertainment and Relaxation
A campfire acts like a central area around which campers can sit, relax, enjoy and talk.

Enables you to Cook Certain Foods
If you build a campfire on your camping trip, then you can roast and cook certain types of foods like fresh fish, meats and other similar items that need roasting before eating.









A Campfire Keeps Animals Away
In the middle of a forest or any other wild location, a campfire helps you to keep the night beasts away.

Provides Light
Another point of importance of a campfire is that it helps you light up your campsite in the dark.

Helps Keep Insects Away
Another important quality of a campfire is that it helps to keep all insects away from the camping site.

Source: Happy Tourist


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