Don’t Trust Uncle Charlie…a Halloween Tale…

Don’t Trust Uncle Charlie…a Halloween Tale…

Are you ready for the shrieks, screams and growls that happen on this All Hallows Eve? Did you come prepared with plenty of treats and candy and such to ward away the creatures for another year?  Maybe you could grab a costume of your own, act as though you’re one of them and you should be able to make it though the night unscathed.


Halloween campsite2


The bad thing is that tonight, we have one extra hour to worry about! When the clock strikes 2:00, it automatically becomes 1:00 am. (You didn’t forget you needed to set your clocks back tonight, did you?) One more hour to worry about what goes bump in the night. Oh no!!


halloween campsite


Just cuddle up to next to someone and keep your eyes on the campfire. Don’t pay attention to the rustle of the leaves behind you…I’m sure it’s nothing anyway. 😉  But wait, the rustling of the leaves is getting closer and closer. Who’s there? … Oh good, it’s just Uncle Charlie, whew!….but wait!, he’s wearing a Jason mask and is that a bloody butchers knife he’s carrying? RUN…….




Sleep tight and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


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