Ultimate Glamping! Your Trailer becomes a boat!

Ultimate Glamping! Your Trailer becomes a boat!

Designed and built by industrial designer Daniel Straub of Germany, Sealander is a camping trailer that floats and can be used as a boat. It is powered by a 5 horse power electric motor so it is not very fast and is not designed to handle large wakes so taking it out in rough waters is a no no! The Sealander’s shell is made of a fiberglass reinforced plastic and is designed with a double bottom to keep if from sinking if it develops a leak.  The bed can be converted into benches, there’s a table. It has a removable roof, so you can soak up some sun or enjoy stargazing and you have different models to choose from. You can get more info at-

Phone :

at It’s kinda cool, check out the video!




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