He should have tried some lube first!

He should have tried some lube first!

Can Trailers Gain Weight?

This story or video is just for fun…well, what I mean is that it’s funny because it didn’t happen to me. I do, however, I think I would have stopped and tried to figure this thing out, before just gunning it…wouldn’t you? But then again…we wouldn’t have such a funny story, would we?

So picture this…your neighbor has his camper stored in his garage, right? Then one day he hitches it to his car and as he starts pulling it out of the garage, you realize that the camper won’t fit back through the doorway!?! Are you serious?? How did he get it in there to begin with? Did it gain weight while it sat there? Maybe the roof was leaky and it got all wet, so wet that it swelled up?

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