I can smell it but I don’t see it!

I can smell it but I don’t see it!

Ever Heard of Stealth Camping?

Here’s a cool funny, video about building a stealth fire! Did you know that there is something out there called stealth camping? I must admit this is all news to me.

Apparently, if you are stealth camping you would want to dig a Dakota fire hole and build a stealth fire. You dig two holes and link them with a tunnel. In the bigger hole you build your fire and the purpose of the second hole is to feed air to the fire without getting burned. Using this method, there is little to no smoke and the fire stays hidden for the most part. You do need to make sure that you use the proper kindling to produce the least amount of smoke. I would assume there is very little heat so this may be the perfect fire to cook with in the summer.

dakota fire hole2

dakota fire hole

The next page has the video, go ahead, it’s kinda cool & funny…


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