Will All Last Minute Campers Please Stand Up?

Will All Last Minute Campers Please Stand Up?

Last Minute Camping….


Are you a last minute camper? I know we are. It doesn’t matter if the camping trip has been on the calendar for a year or more, we will still turn it into a last minute trip. I like to tell people that I was born late and am still carrying on that tradition.

Actually, we’re last minute planners on everything we do…pretty much nothing gets planned in advance. That’s the life of a foster parent, though. It’s hectic, fun and crazy! You never know if you’ll have 2 kids or six…what’s the point in planning, right? It makes a HUGE difference when you plan for a camping trip for four, but end up having nine people! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining…just explaining. It’s great and we’ve adopted two awesome boys and are working on adopting a girl to complete our “forever family”.

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