Want Access To Every Known Campsite?…Yeah, Who Wouldn’t?

Want Access To Every Known Campsite?…Yeah, Who Wouldn’t?

Want a list of all the campsites in one easy spot? Yeah, we got that…

We found a great resource for you, our fans! No, we didn’t build it, or even come up with the idea of it actually, but you were the 1st people we thought of when we ran across the site!! That should count for something, right?!

This community¬†has a database of free camping spots throughout the World. You can search by your location or enter the address where you want to search near via an interactive map and it will bring up any surrounding campsites, whether they’re free or paid campsites. If you see a red marker on the map, that is a pay site. The green ones are free. There are also blue ones that you need a pass or permit to access and finally there are yellow ones that indicate research….meaning the listing is unconfirmed and you should do the research on it before you camp there. LOL.


list pic of freecampsites.net

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