Campsite List Organization Overload….

Campsite List Organization Overload….


Okay guys, I know I just put out an interactive map for you…this one’s a little different as it gives you reviews AND prices. It’s called Campendium which is a pun from the word compendium, which means a concise compilation of a body of knowledge.

Campendium is a website for list of available campsites. It’s categories are National Parks, State Parks, National Forests and RV parks along with a whole list of Free Camping and they’re divided by states.

Here’s kind of the gist. If a campground has a review, then it’s also got a price, along w/ the review and maybe some pictures too. It might also have information provided by the campground itself. If there’s no review, you can go ahead and still click on it because there might be a website link on there where you may be able to see pics and get prices, but no actual reviews from other campers.

There is also a search bar. You can search for information on the campsite that your interested in ahead of time. You can search several ways, whether you know the name of the campsite or not. You can search by name, state or  zip code, National Park, State Park and National Forest. Again, they’re somewhat similar to the one I posted the other day, but to have both is still good resource for our fans.

Here is that website for you guys…


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