Camp Like Royalty!!

Camp Like Royalty!!

Thanksgiving Glamping, here we come…

Okay, now I know you hard core campers give Glamping a bad rap. But, there are a lot people out there who would enjoy the outdoors if they had just a few more homey touches. LOL 🙂 For that matter, I think a few of these are absolutely genius ideas and will be incorporating them in my next camping trip!

Some of these things aren’t even that hard to do.  You could have a big tent like the above picture. It’s pricey…about $2,000, but it looks time consuming to put up, though I’m not sure how difficult it is because I’ve never tried. However, if you’re interested in this one, you can buy it here.

You can, however, just go the easy route and save yourself time, and money and get an instant up tent, one that sets up in a minute…or go with a three room tent that sets up in two min. You’ll be just as comfortable and not as tired. 🙂

Ozark Trail 8 person

Ozark trail 12 person


These are nice quality and I believe you can snag them for under $250 at Wal-Mart. To read more about these easy up tents, go here.

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