Beer Can Bacon Burgers, You Won’t Believe These!

Beer Can Bacon Burgers, You Won’t Believe These!

Delicious Beer Can Bacon Burgers

I just ran across a video by the BBQ pit boys, where they make Beer Can Bacon Burgers and what can I say?

I mean, I have made some great tasting, All American, juicy charbroiled hamburgers and cheeseburgers in my time. They came off the grill so hot and juicy that you almost needed a bib to eat them!  I’ve mixed bacon with the meat, used onion soup mix, eggs, sausage, cheddar cheese and even blue cheese and my burgers were awesome!!… or so I thought! LOL

These BBQ pit boys have put me in my place…you really gotta check out these burgers, they look awesome! I am going to point out that these are stuffed burgers and they are completely customizable to your own taste buds! You put what YOU like in them. However, there are a few basics that you do need…

Needed Ingredients:

1)  80/20 Ground Beef

2)  Bacon

3)  Can of Beer

Optional Toppings:

Grilled Onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, beef chili, beef hash, Cheese (any and all kinds), green and red bell peppers, sauce (any kind), ham, egg, pulled pork, MORE BACON ;-), whatever else you can think of!


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