A Sliding Telescoping Trailer for 3X the Room at the Turn of a Key!

A Sliding Telescoping Trailer for 3X the Room at the Turn of a Key!

The BeauEr 3x is made in France and as far as I can tell, still, only sold in Europe. There has been talk about selling it in the U.S. but so far that hasn’t materialized. You can, however, go to their website and request more information. The 3x+ would be perfect for the U.S. market, can you imagine the whole trailer expanding three times? Now THAT would be camping in style.

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BeauEr 3X Compact Extendable Caravan

It’s great to see innovative ideas in the caravan market, so when the inventor of the BeauEr 3X sent the UKCampsite.co.uk details of his expanding caravan we were intrigued! The BeauEr 3X is an amazing concept, a caravan which whilst being towed is only the width and size of a small car, but which, when on site, expands to three times it’s towing size, giving all the luxuries, comfort, and space of a normal modern caravan.

French inventor Eric Beau tells us how the caravan came to be : It was whilst I was enjoying the small caravans of the sixties that the idea came to make a little caravan in a market that has known no real innovation in years. But our way of life today requires a minimum of comfort with separate bedroom, a kitchen and a toilet. So the concept of having a small caravan on the road, and big caravan with all the amenities on arrival at site, was born thanks to the telescopic slide assembly of modules.

Small on the road for better maneuverability… The width when folded does not exceed a classic car. The bedroom and living room when converted into a second large bed can accommodate up to 4 people.


BeauEr 3x trailer inside


Source: Uk Campsite


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