It Has New Wings, But Still Can’t Fly!

It Has New Wings, But Still Can’t Fly!

Step back in time in the Shasta Airflyte travel trailer

I just found this video on the the new Shasta Airflyte. So, how would you like to take a tour of the new retro style Shasta Airflyte 16 foot trailer with Shasta president, Mark Lucas, as he shows off a pre-production model?

In this video, he talks about things plan on doing to do it…well those things are now done and it looks great. You can go down and buy one today! The re-issued Shasta Airflyte is beautiful! It looks just like the original, except that it has things like LED lighting and a stereo with hidden speakers to keep the original look. It even has an hidden air conditioner – sort of, well, lets just say it’s under cover, LOL… it doesn’t look like an air conditioner at all. The only thing that looks out of place is the microwave oven. They have done a great job with this trailer. Even the Airflyte logo, the wings on the side and the gas lamp reproductions are the originals. You can pick from either 16 or19 feet long and the colors come in Butternut Yellow, Seafoam Green or Matador Red.

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