Socks, Not Just For Wearing!

Socks, Not Just For Wearing!

Okay, this website is called Camp In Style. So, what am I doing here about to show you a video about how to use old socks? Well, I’m being practical! LOL.

Even though we may all strive to Camp in Style, we still have family members. Those family members all have feet, right? If their old socks have holes in them, you just throw them away, right? What about if you lose the matching sock to the pair? I know it happens to others…it can’t just be me!

Well, these 5 hacks are actually great ideas, and they are kind of fun, one of them is an improvement on a hack that we have written about last month, yes, socks do work better than nylons I think. (My wife thinks nylons would be easier, though).

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