A War Zone Or Bonding Zone?

A War Zone Or Bonding Zone?

Always have the best camping trip possible…

Camping is fun and relaxing and it can be a great way to bond with your kids no matter how old they get!

I don’t know about your house, but ours is a zoo! When the kids got home from school, it’s time to do homework, then it’s off to take a shower, then we sit down to dinner and then a few chores and before you know it, they are late for bed. The weekends aren’t much better between video games and TV, but at least they do get to go outside and play. 🙂 Sometimes we don’t see them until dinner time.

Camping! That’s when we can bond without hearing a text reminder! LOL. That is if we’ve planned our trip right. If you don’t plan things out and forget something, it can turn the campsite into a war zone and not a bonding zone. You know what I mean, right?

Check out some tips below to keep your campsite a bonding zone.


Bonding with nature, spending time with family and moving away from the madness of city life when combined together takes the name of camping. Camping can be a real fun experience where not only do you get to engage in adventures but also unwind and relax amidst the peace and calm of greenery…
1. Not Being Prepared for Weather Changes


You cannot just assume that a hot camping site will remain at a high temperature throughout. You must always be prepared for weather changes as well…


2. Not Packing Right


Before heading out for a camping trip, it is important to pack very carefully. Unlike a hotel or resort vacation, you will not have basic amenities and facilities out there in the open and you must carry as many as possible with you…


3. Not Having the Right Tent


Another common camping mistake which you must avoid is not carrying the right tent. Always take a tent that is weather proof, has sufficient space and is easy to assemble and erect…


4. Not Getting the Campsite Reservation Done


Arriving at the campsite without a reservation could prove to be a big blunder and may just ruin your plans for the trip…


Source: Camping Tourist

Image source: Large Families on Purpose via Pinterest


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