The Log Cabin You Take With You!

The Log Cabin You Take With You!

The 8 man Log Cabin Lodge tent by Igloo

Check out this tent…it’s pretty awesome! Why go camping in a regular tent and look like everyone else, when you can have your very own log cabin!

I was online looking for cool things things to share and ran across this Igloo tent. Igloo, wait a minute, they make coolers don’t they? Yes, Igloo makes tents and last year they added a log cabin to their lineup. Imagine walking through the campground and coming across one of these. From a distance you might even mistake it for the real thing. he he.


“The Log Cabin Lodge tent has a classic log cabin look and feel with all of the best amenities of an Igloo Outdoors tent. It’s perfect for a large group setting up base camp or just out for a weekend getaway.”- Igloo product manager Michelle Stone


The tent was made to look like real log cabin. It is made with Igloo’s MaxDry weather protection system so water doesn’t seep in. This tent features a Cool Riser Technology system with lower mesh vents that draw cool air in from the bottom and hot air out through the roof. It features UV-Ban which is a specialized coating that reflects heat and harmful sun rays with an ultraviolet protection UV rating of 50 Plus. The Igloo Log Cabin Lodge tent sleeps eight comfortably and has a screened in front porch so you can enjoy the scenery without those pesky mosquitoes buzzing around your head.

Log Cabin Lodge tent-red

The Log Cabin Lodge tent – red                    PR Web

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    1. Hi Larry! These aren’t our tents, but you can find them at Amazon, Sears and Ebay. I know Amazon had them for $299. One of the links in the article (the one for the feature image, I think) goes to the Amazon purchase page. Good Luck!

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