Are You MAN Enough For This?

Are You MAN Enough For This?

The Global XRS 7200 Expedition Vehicle

Okay, my husband has been wanting to share one of these Monster RVs on here for a while…so here is one of them. The Global XRS 7200 Expedition Vehicle and a little story about how it came to be.

This monster RV or expedition vehicle is the brain child of Otti and Steffi Reitz. They always dreamed of traveling to northern Europe and Africa.

At the time, they were running a full service advertising agency and decided to go off the beaten path and use Africa as a backdrop for their fashion shots. It was a great idea except that the models there were used to working in studios and didn’t want to go to anywhere that didn’t have a shower and makeup room.

At the time, there were no Recreational Vehicles capable of crossing Africa, so they decided to build a custom cabin and mounted it on a Chevrolet Blazer. The Blazer caused quite a stir on it’s trips to Africa. The Blazer was followed by cabins mounted on a Land Rover. As they took these photo shooting trips, people began asking where they can get these vehicles.  That was going to be their market niche.


Global XRS 7200 Bless This Stuff
Global XRS 7200                                                                                                                          Bless This Stuff

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