A Lego Trailer For Adults!

A Lego Trailer For Adults!

HC1 by Happier Camper

I just ran across a new ultralight trailer on YouTube, the new HC-1. When I was checking out an awesome Australian trailer that we will be sharing with you in the near future.

This trailer was designed and is being built by Happy Camper in southern California will be available very soon according to their website. It looks like a vintage trailer and if ¬†you were following it you might think you’re following a restored 1960’s van. This little trailer reminds me somewhat of the Dub Box, a VW campervan look-a-like trailer except that this camper features what they call an “Adaptiv” interior, which is kind of like the swissRoomBox.




If you were into legos as a kid, you’ll really like this concept. An “Adaptiv” concept consists of cubes that are slotted in a lego-like fashion to create many different layouts. (Go here, to see a REAL Lego trailer!) On moving day you can leave all the components in your new place, then use the empty trailer to move out of your old apartment and into the new one…plus you’ll look cool doing it!

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