100% Happy Camper Guarantee

100% Happy Camper Guarantee

Be a Happy Camper with the Campfire In A Can…

Who doesn’t love a roaring campfire? Almost everyone does, right?

Anyone that has ever been camping has a story or two to tell about a campfire, whether its something you found out about someone or something they did in under the influence of alcohol. Gee, go figure, right?…and the stories get bigger as the night grows longer.

Well, now you can stay even longer around that campfire, with the Campfire In A Can. Campfire In A Can is a new product that will keep you warmer with less wood because the can is off of the ground and the logs burn vertically. Less heat is wasted and less wood is burned. You also have the choice of using charcoal and propane with the Campfire In A Can.

This is a great idea since wood is so expensive at the campground store and they don’t really like you to bring in your own wood now-a-days. Plus, they close so early and if there are any burn restrictions you can just switch to propane!

Hmmmm….I wonder if those states, like Washington and specific parks beaches or campgrounds that ban campfires, would allow the Campfire In A Can if it was running on propane? Looking at their website, it looks like they would! Kinda cool for you folks that live up there and go camping and those that camp at the beaches and parks with no campfire zones.

I’m going to show you a quick little video that’s under a minute (41 seconds to be exact), where Leo, the inventor, shows you how easy it is to cook on the Campfire In A Can.


The other video that goes over the actual Campfire In A Can is on the next page…

Go to the next page for the rest of the info and to see the video.


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