Ford’s camping Again!

Ford’s camping Again!

Get Ready To Start Exploring The Country Again, In A Ford, Starting In March 2016…

Ford Motor company is partnering up with Livin Lite RV to design and build an all new aluminum camper to match the new aluminum bodied trucks. Livin lite will build a new line of campers, trailers and toy haulers that are officially licensed by Ford.

The Ford design team has been working closely with the designers at Livin Lite and together they have designed a camper that takes ques directly from the truck. Ford went with Livin Lite because of their extensive use of lightweight aluminum in their products. Ford recently switched from using a steel body in their trucks to using aluminum in an effort save weight and increase gas mileage.

The campers will have a fiberglass exterior with full body paint. The main structure will feature all aluminum construction with hardwood cabinets and doors. The trim will match the interior which will also have ques from the truck, including similar looking fabrics so that it has the same feel as the truck.

The camper will be sold through Livin Lite dealers and some Ford dealers and should be available in early 2016. Ford plans to have a full line of branded products that will include tent campers, travel trailers, truck campers, toy haulers and fifth wheels for sale through Livin Lite dealers.

“Exploring America is in our customers’ DNA and recreational vehicles are part of Ford’s history, so these new camping options are great for our adventurous customers,” said Mark Bentley, Ford Licensing manager. “Ford is an industry leader in towing technology,natural for Ford to license its name and designs in this industry.”

Ford Camper Ford
Ford Camper                                                                    Ford 


Check out the official news release here.


Source: Ford

Image Source: Pickup Trucks


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