You Won’t Believe This Camper!

You Won’t Believe This Camper!

The World’s Largest Lego Trailer

What would you do if you had twelve weeks and 215,158 Lego pieces?

Why not set a world record for the world’s biggest Lego travel trailer? Actually, it was built in Hampshire, England…AND it’s technically not a trailer, in England they are called Caravans . It was built by Bright Bricks. They are a company in England that will build anything that you want them to build out of Lego bricks.

This trailer is a Guiness world record for the biggest Lego trailer. It is ten times larger than the previous record holder. The trailer frame, tires, water pump, wiring and lights are the only things that are not Lego pieces. Yes…I did say water pump since the sink has running water! The Lego trailer is modeled after an actual trailer and measures 7.2 feet tall and 11.8 feet long. The trailer features a stove with a Lego breakfast in the pans on the top , a refrigerator with a carton of milk, some cheese and a few veggies along with a table that actually turns into a bed, just like the real thing. It even has a vase with flowers and a chess set, all made out of Legos!

Lego Breakfast Mental Floss
Lego Breakfast                                                                                                 Mental Floss

You gotta see this to believe it. Check it out now…



This story is especially cool to us because our 6 year old son ABSOLUTELY LOVES Legos!!! Not only does he love them, he is so TOTALLY AWESOME at them! He build things in a matter of minutes, “Mom, Dad Look!” then will break it apart and build something else with the same pieces in another 15 minutes or so! I’ve never seen anything like it! My neighbors keep telling me to videotape him and send it into the Lego company to secure him a job when he grows up! LOL   I was just getting ready to save this and he came up to me and said “Mama, look, I built a speed boat!” So cute. 🙂

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