Always Have Clean Underwear At Camp!

Always Have Clean Underwear At Camp!

4 Different ways to wash away the grime…

We all know that we can pretty dirty when we are camping. Especially the kids, they always seem to get really filthy! Don’t they? Mine do anyway…what about yours?

If you’re out in a top of the line RV then you probably have a washer and dryer and it’s not much of a problem.  For the rest of us, we may be able to use the campground facilities…but what do you do when you’re out boondocking or camping for an extended period and you run out of clean clothes and don’t have a washer around for miles? Well, we’ve got a few solutions for you, with the cost ranging from a few hundred dollars to almost free.

This is the Drumi. With this little machine you can do your laundry as needed. It doesn’t hold much,but also doesn’t take up too much space and washes your clothes like a newer front loading machine. The Drumi doesn’t use much water and is foot powered so you don’t need any electricity.

Check it out in the video below…



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