Push the Button and Watch It Grow!

Push the Button and Watch It Grow!

When are the campervans coming to the states?

Take a look at this…this is the Doubleback camper van. It’s made by Danbury Motorcaravans in The UK.  It’s the Campervan that you can’t buy because they don’t sell it here in the States. So why am I telling you about it if it’s not available here? I’m telling you about it because it’s a great concept and it should be available here! Another reason is because we also have UK fans.

The problem with a Campervan though, is the space…there is none. The Doubleback addresses that issue with it’s super strong, lightweight aluminum pod that slides out and almost doubles the living area. Just push the button and the pod slides out and legs pop out of the bottom to both level and support it. The roof also pops up like any other Campervan for more headroom of course.


Doubleback inside Doubleback.co.uk
Doubleback inside                                                                                                                                        Doubleback.co.uk



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