Swiss Army Knife Of Dutch Oven Cooking!

Swiss Army Knife Of Dutch Oven Cooking!

Let’s talk about one of my favorite subjects…FOOD.

More specifically, dutch oven cooked food. Are you starting to smell the fire yet?

A few days ago a friend of ours told us about these tools for dutch oven cooking that she had seen at an outdoor show and she suggested that we should write something about it. After about an hour of research I knew that this was something that everyone who has a dutch oven should at least consider.

CamMaid Multi-Tool Camp Saver
CampMaid Multi-Tool                          Camp Saver


She was talking about the CampMaid Multi-tool that turns a 12 inch dutch oven into the Swiss Army Knife of dutch ovens. We’ve all seen tools for removing the lid and keeping it off the ground. However, this incredible multi-tool not only lets you safely remove the lid and keep if off of the ground, it actually turns your dutch oven lid into a griddle with the help of a special charcoal tray that is sold separately.

Want some homemade pizza? No problem! It turns your dutch oven into a small pizza oven. There is also a grill that you use together with the multi-tool, that makes it into a BBQ. You can also place the grill inside your dutch oven with a little water and use it as a steamer.


CampMaid Multi-Tool BBQ         Ifa-Coop
CampMaid Multi-Tool BBQ                                        Ifa-Coop

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