Espresso Your Camping Experience!

Espresso Your Camping Experience!

What goes better with camping than a cup of coffee in the morning?

How about a shot of espresso? I really, really like coffee and now I can enjoy an espresso while camping without even going into town.

I just discovered the Minipresso…and that’s not all there is out there. There is also a product out there called a Handpresso. Both of these little portable espresso machine apparently work really well. The Handpresso has been around for a few years but the Minipresso has only been around for about a year and they both work wonderfully.

It depends on who you ask as to which one brews the best cup of espresso, though. As far as what you put in them?…you can buy ground coffee or grind your own or you can use pods in the Handpresso. Plus, the Minipresso also uses espresso cups or capsules so you don’t have to worry about those spent grounds that end up in the strangest places.

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