Drink Your Beer, We Need A Stove!

Drink Your Beer, We Need A Stove!

Do we really need another reason to drink a beer?

We’ve brought you a few camp stoves in the past but today,  just for fun, we’re bringing you a homemade stove that runs on rubbing alcohol. You can get rubbing alcohol almost anywhere and it is very inexpensive…there may even be some in your first aid kit right now.

This is an easy to make stove that may come in handy. It is very practical, efficient and doesn’t take up very much room. There are a few different designs out there, but this particular one lets you place you pot directly on the can.

You may want to play around and watch a few different videos to see what’s out there.  All you need is a beer or soda can and a knife. A pair of scissors would make for cleaner cuts but you don’t really need them.

So grab your pocket knife and watch this video while you finish your beer. Then you can make your own beer can stove! (I’m sure there’s no need to say…don’t let your children do this)

Have fun, be careful and enjoy! 🙂



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