This Grill Looks Like a Flute!

This Grill Looks Like a Flute!

A Barbeque the size of a Ruler! What’s next?

Have you seen the UCO Grilliput Duo?

This is an amazing little grill that is really not so little for the amount of room it takes up! The whole thing fits inside a stainless steel tube that is just under 12 inches long. In fact, the whole thing is stainless steel and only weighs only 20 ounces!

To use the grill, all you need to do is unscrew the end of the tube, remove the parts, put the wires between the tubes and tighten the end wires which hold the grill together. After the grill is together simply screw the legs into the bottom of the tubes and you have a sturdy grill that measures 9 inches by 10 inches. It should be large enough to handle a couple of steaks or a half dozen burgers. It’s a great little grill and even has a notch at the end of one of the tubes to pull the wires though for cleaning. You can get it through their website or Amazon for about $30.00. I’ll post the links on the next page.


GrilliPut Duo UCO Gear
GrilliPut Duo                                                                                                                                              UCO Gear

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