Tiger Moth…Small trailer…BIG Results!

Tiger Moth…Small trailer…BIG Results!

Have you seen the new Tiger Moth?

It’s a new trailer by TAXA, the same people that brought us the Cricket trailer. It’s the Crickets little brother! The Tiger Moth IS smaller and doesn’t have a pop-up top but the side does open up just like big brother’s back wall opens up. So you can pull up to the beach or lake shore,  just open up the side and enjoy the great outdoors.

The Tiger Moth weighs around 900 pounds so there is no need to trade the minivan in for an F-350, the minivan should work just fine. Just like the Cricket, the Tiger Moth is also NASA inspired with it’s three-dimensional storage that uses bungie cords and nets for overhead storage. The Tiger Moth has a four foot slide out kitchen with a portable stove, a water tank and plenty of room for all your kitchen needs.


tiger moth trailer


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