10 Excuses To Get Yourself A Jeep!

10 Excuses To Get Yourself A Jeep!

Do you need an excuse to buy a new jeep?

I just read an article that may give you ten excuses to buy a new Jeep…or a used “previously owned” Jeep at least. 😉 Four Wheeler has put together a list of ten off road camping trailers that they feel are perfect for a Jeep.

I agree with them, when you combine a tiny trailer with the short wheel base and the tire travel of a jeep you can pretty much camp anywhere you want. These trailers don’t come with any TV’s so bring some alcohol for entertainment. LOL. You can bring TVs if you want, but…you’re camping…enjoy nature!

Check out the article!




Big Woody Campers





Unlike the rest of the off-road camping trailers you’ll find in this buyer’s guide, Big Woody Campers can’t be bought. You can, however, build one, and it’s relatively easy because not only does Big Woody offer complete plans (we’ve seen all 153 pages, and the plans are quite complete and detailed) for the DIY guy or gal. The company even suggests its preferred lightweight Carry-On 4×8-foot flatbed utility trailer you can purchase at Tractor Supply Company as the base for your hand-built teardrop trailer. bigwoodycampers.com


HEO Trailers


HEO Overland Trailers HEO Outfitters
HEO Overland Trailers                                                                  HEO Outfitters


Manufactured entirely of MIG-welded 6061 aluminum, the HEO (Highland Expedition Outfitters) camping trailer is for those wishing to extend their adventures into the backcountry. The HEO T Series trailers feature a 57-cubic-foot tub constructed of durable double-wall ACM (aluminum composite material) and aluminum studs that provides plenty of room to store and transport all your camping gear to remote camping destinations. Weighing in at only 700 pounds, your Jeep will have no trouble towing the HEO T Series Overland Trailer.




(cover picture)   kakaducamping.com




Smittybilt Recon FourWheeler
Smittybilt Recon                                                                                      FourWheeler


The RECON off-road camping trailer from Smittybilt features a fully boxed and powdercoated frame, a leaf-spring solid-axle suspension, electric trailer brakes, and a payload of 1,763 pounds. It also offers 2-inch receivers at both ends of the trailer so that articulating hitches can be used up front and accessory racks can be mounted out back. Three jacks create stability when the trailer is unhitched from the tow vehicle. The adjustable top rack system is designed for carry an optional tent.


So-Cal Teardrops


So-Cal Treadrops
                                 So-Cal Treadrops



The powdercoated frame underneath the So-Cal Teardrops trailers is made of mostly 2×3-inch, 0.120-wall steel tubing, and its three off-road models are equipped with heavy-duty Old Man Emu lead springs, a 3,500-pound GVWR Dexter axle, and nine-way adjustable Rancho RS9000XL shocks. You can even get optional airbag helper springs. The cabin uses a reinforced Baltic Birch rib system for sturdiness off-road, and the 4-inch-thick fullsize high-density foam mattress provides comfort and room for two adults.




Go camper
Go Camper Trailer                                                                                Sylvansport



Likely the most unique off-road camping trailer we found is the SylvanSport GO, a Swiss Army knife-like rig if we ever saw one. With six sleeping configurations available and capable of being used in three different modes (Travel, Transport, or Camping), the GO camping trailer can be used to haul anything from a fullsize kitchen refrigerator/freezer (up to 800 pounds of weight) you just bought at that big box store to an ATV, bikes, or canoes/kayaks with its streamlined tent storage box remaining up top. Its deck is made from diamond-plate aluminum, and its cage-like structure is TIG-welded and powdercoated aluminum.


Read more about the Go Camper Trailer here.


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