Does This Make You Want To Play Cowboys And Indians?

Does This Make You Want To Play Cowboys And Indians?

Tent camping back to it’s roots? (kinda’ sorta’)

We’ve brought you some modern tents with living rooms, bedrooms , front porches and even some glamping tents that were fit for kings. Now we’re bringing you one of the designs that started it all!

This is the Guide Gear 10×10 Teepee Tent. The Teepee is made from heavy-duty, light weight and waterproof polyester so you can camp out in the rain for days without any worries.

It has covered mesh windows that not only provides light and a view, but allows air to circulate and keep the tent fresh.




It has sewn in polyethylene floor so you can walk around in just your socks. The Teepee has a center pole for support and durability. It has a center height of 6 feet 6 inches and sleeps six. It weighs in at just over 14 pounds.

The Guide Gear Teepee is a great back to basics tent that your kids will love. (They can play Cowboys and Indians, like we used to when I was a kid. LOL)


Guide Gear 10x10 Teepee Tent


It’s available at Amazon for $110.00. It has a four star rating and it ships for free.

At that price you might just want to order one and put it up in the corner of your back yard for the whole summer.

Why not? Let the kids play all summer long and then you can camp out on weekends with them, then the only thing you’ll have to unpack is your sleeping bag. 


LOVE THIS TENT?????  Get it here! 😉

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