Hungry? Check Out This Mountain Man Skillet Breakfast!

Hungry? Check Out This Mountain Man Skillet Breakfast!

Anyone hungry? I am.

I’m sitting here in my chair just looking through some emails and I’m thinking to myself that I haven’t had breakfast yet and I’m hungry. As I think about what I’m going to eat I get the idea of finding a great YouTube video breakfast recipe for you and I think I found one.

Now I’m really hungry though, because as I started watching videos to find a good one and I ran across Dean and Joanie’s as they get ready to make breakfast at Swimmers Delight in Van Duzen County Park. They’re making a dish called The Mountain Man Breakfast, or as they call it “the Humboldt County Outdoor’sman special”.

He starts off with bacon and when you start off a breakfast with bacon you can’t help but to have a great day. So here it is, it’s a simple one pot breakfast with bacon, onions, bell peppers, potatoes and then a few seasonings. Once those are cooked, you then you add a layer of a eggs topped by cooked ground sausage and sharp shredded cheese.

You end up with what I call a delicious breakfast. Now, I gotta get me some breakfast.

I hope this video gives you some ideas. Check it out…



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