Keep More Mula In Your Pocket

Keep More Mula In Your Pocket

Money Saving Tips for Campers…

I ran across this article a few days ago by Amy from RVShare called “Keep RV Costs Down! 30 Tips for Saving Money” and I thought there was some great advice in it. She did a really good job at sharing some ways that we can all save some money, from packing your own lunch to doing the speed limit.

Her tips aren’t just for people like us that like to camp, her advice can be used by anyone. The advice on saving gas, for example, is not specific to an RV, it’s the same whether you drive a car, truck  or van. If you drive a little car that gets great mileage, yet you’re doing 80 MPH on the highway on tires that are under inflated…not only are you using more gas because of your speed and the extra resistance on under inflated tires, but your tires will also need to be replaced earlier.

I know that I sometimes don’t do all I can to save, especially since we are bombarded with all of these great commercials with these beautiful people telling us where to spend our money. I’m sure there are a hundred more ways to save money and many of these I was already aware of but had forgotten about.

So check out the article, maybe you can get a few nuggets out of it for yourself.


gasoline-prices- Pixabay/Stux
gasoline-prices                                                                     Pixabay/Stux


Keep RV Costs Down! 30 Tips for Saving Money


Saving Money on Gas

1-Try not to drive if you know you’ll be heading into strong winds. They can increase drag on high profile vehicles and make you burn a lot more fuel than you need to.
2-Slow down!
3-Choose routes with the fewest stop lights so you’re not continually stopping and accelerating…
4-Make sure your tires are inflated to the proper pressure…
5-Don’t bring what you don’t need, especially if it’s heavy. The heavier your RV, the worse your mileage.


Saving Money on Maintenance

6-Get regular oil changes…will go a long way in preventing costly repairs.
7-Replace worn or old tires. You’ll get better mileage…
8-… do small repairs yourself…(like swapping out windshield wipers).
9-If something needs fixing, do it sooner rather than later.


Saving Money on Spending the Night

10-Travel in the off season when RV park rates tend to be lower.
11-…Longer stays mean lower per-night costs.
12-Stay at state parks and other public campgrounds….
13-…don’t pay for what you don’t use…
14-Don’t be afraid to ask for lower rates…
15-Look for RV parks that will take a work trade instead of payment for a night’s stay…
16-Learn how to boondock, or dry camp…


Saving Money on Food

17-Limit how much you eat out in restaurants…
18-…Pack sandwiches and snacks in your backpack so you won’t feel tempted to overspend on convenience food.
19-Once you arrive at your destination, don’t overbuy on groceries…
20-…buy in bulk, and then make smaller packages for your trip. …
21-Invest in a crockpot,…You’ll spend very little to make a large amount of food. …
22-Don’t buy bottled water! Drinking water at RV parks is tested and safe. …
23-Have a lightweight set of dishes in your RV…you won’t have to continually spend money on paper plates and disposable forks.


Saving Money on Sightseeing

24-If you move around a lot, … get an annual National Parks Pass. It costs $80, and that’s for a single vehicle and all of its occupants, not per person.
25-Ask at the local visitors center about free or low cost attractions in the area.
26-When you stop for the night, look for discounts for local attractions….


Saving Money on Extras

27-Ask yourself if you really need that high end digital TV antenna. Or that giant television. Or the PS4. If you’re heading out in your RV, you want to have a great adventure, not sit inside and stare at a screen.
28-Love to bike? It may be more cost effective for you to bring your own than to rent everywhere you go..
29-If you’re at an RV park, see if there’s a media library for guests. You might find a DVD of an old movie you haven’t seen, or a board game you haven’t played since you were a kid, or a book of scary ghost stories to tell around the fire — and they’ll all be free.
30-Do as much research as you can ahead of time.


Neon Food signs Pixabay/louieastorgala
Neon Food signs                                                                                       Pixabay/louieastorgala


Source: RV Share

Image Source: Pixabay


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