A Simple And Delicious Baked Bean Recipe!

A Simple And Delicious Baked Bean Recipe!

Smoked Beans, Baked Beans, Portuguese Beans, Okie Beans, Chili…

…Any Kind of Beans…We Love ‘Em, What about you?

A few days ago we ran across a recipe on YouTube from the amazing cooks at Camp Chef that we wanted to try but we didn’t have any brown sugar in the house because we used it all over Thanksgiving and Christmas. So yesterday we had to stop at the grocery store for eggs so we pickedĀ also picked up some brown sugar and we finally made the recipe. I say finally because I wanted to make it the day we ran across it!

We cooked our bacon up crispy just like my better half likes it, we minced the onion and bell pepper (because if the kids don’t see it, they eat it and like the flavor šŸ˜‰ ), but we didn’t add the Jalapeno peppers because I’m kind of a sissy when it comes to hot peppers. Then we put it all in the dutch oven and in the BBQ it went, for almost three hours. I added some soaked hickory chips every now and then too.


Baked Beans w/Bacon


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