The Ultimate Boondocking ATV.

The Ultimate Boondocking ATV.

Meet The ATV That Can Cross A Lake!

Are you ready for the ultimate off road vehicle…sort of! OK, it’s more like a grown man’s Tonka toy and I want one!

The Russians made an awesome, go anywhere vehicle. It’s an ATV that floats and it sure looks like fun!

The Sherp will be introduced at this year’s International Russian Hunting And Fishing Expo, later this month. The Sherp is powered by a 1.5L diesel Kubota engine, which produces 44 HP and has a top speed of 28 MPH.


Russian Sherp 3

Russian Sherp 4


Although it’s not very fast, you won’t have to stop at the rivers edge…just keep moving and it will cross a body of water at 3.7 miles an hour (just make sure the current is not too strong or you’ll end up a mile downstream when you reach the other side).

Check out the three and a half minute video below (okay, it’s just over) to see what it it can do on a frozen lake and trust me you’ll want one too! 😉



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