The Ultimate Boondocking ATV.

The Ultimate Boondocking ATV.

The Sherp weighs just over 2,800 lbs and steers like a Bobcat loader, it slows or completely stops the tires from turning on the side you’re steering towards so that it literally turns on a dime.

At just over $50,000 it’s not for everyone, but just think about how impressed everyone will be as they watch you drive across the lake to your campground! 🙂

Okay, so it may not be meant for boondocking, but you sure as heck can get practically anywhere you want to camp with this thing, so why not? Pack your stuff. Make sure you tie it down really, REALLY well…and off you go!

Here’s a four minute video showing you the fun they have with their “grown up” toy.



C’mon…you know you want one!  🙂


Image & Research Source: Sherp


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