GPS, How Did We Live Without It?

GPS, How Did We Live Without It?

My Garmin Tried To Kill  Me!

I was reading a Good Sam article the other day about GPS systems and it got me thinking about how we managed to get everywhere we needed to go without them. Back in the good old days we got by with just asking directions and using maps. I think that the hardest part of using a map was, and still is, refolding it! Don’t you agree?

When I was considering a roadside assistance program, I joined AAA just because they had free maps. They would ask where you were going and would map it out for you. Who knew that the U.S. Military had such a great secret that they would eventually share it with us?




Now, GPS systems aren’t perfect. For instance, our Garmin has led us on a few goose chases and told us to turn left into a mountain once.

GPS systems are getting better each time they update and improve the maps. Now you can even buy a system designed around a truck driver to optimize the route, avoid tolls and even avoid certain roads that may be too windy or have low bridges. Then there are those made for us that are pre-loaded with campgrounds from sea to shining sea. 🙂

So, check out the article…it’s good information.




Wondering which is the best GPS to buy for your RV travels?


The first thing you probably want to look at is which units are designed to be customized to the specifications and configuration of your specific RV rig. This will guide you on routes that have bridge clearances and roads that will handle the weight and dimensions of your RV, including any towed equipment.


Well, that narrows the field somewhat. Next let’s look at what the top motor coach builders are supplying with their coaches. Well, it is probably no surprise that the Rand McNally in-dash GPS is the chosen unit. Many new motor homes from entry level right up to million dollar rolling palaces offer the Rand McNally GPS as an option, or as standard equipment.


Next, let’s look at what other features would be beneficial to the RVer. Ideally, it’s an already built-in unit with a constantly updated database of thousands of campgrounds throughout North America. It warns you of steep grades ahead, tight turns and much more..


Source: Good Sam

Image Source: Pixabay-DariuszSankowski


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