Mistakes Are Okay, If Their Not Yours!

Mistakes Are Okay, If Their Not Yours!

Mistakes, mistakes…do we all start to sound like Erkle eventually…Did I do that?!?

We all hate to make mistakes. At least I know I do. They’re inevitable though, aren’t they?

I think they are, yet I found a soul who’s brave enough to share them online with the public. So, I was going through some YouTube videos and was watching one of Ray’s video’s, where he was giving some RV tips and he mentioned having made a video of five stupid things he’s done to damage his RV (It’s actually a Cougar trailer). Hence, I thought I’d share his video with all of you.




Ray is the owner of the Love Your RV website and he also has a YouTube channel. In this video, he talks about his five mistakes (that he can remember) and then throws in a sixth mistake that really wasn’t his. However, it turned out to be the one most expensive one. Doh!…as Ray and Homer would say.

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