Can You Run Your A/C Only On Solar?

Can You Run Your A/C Only On Solar?

As we all know, solar is becoming more and more popular…

…and that’s whether it’s on the roof of our home or on the roof of an RV.

The question is how much solar do we need and is it possible to avoid running your generator in order to enjoy your A/C?  Jason and Nikki Wynn  from Gone with the Wynns decided to find out with the help of their friends Peter and John from RV GEEKS.

As you will see, it takes a lot of power to run an A/C unit and you can kill standard RV batteries in no time, which is why there are systems in place so your A/C won’t turn on if you don’t have enough power to run it.

The Wynn’s are running lithium batteries and they have a large 960 Watt solar system. Is it big enough? Will they burn up their A/C? Will they fry their batteries?

Check out the video below and see for yourself!



There is a lot more to this story such as what Jason learned from talking to the manufacturers after their experiment and you can go directly to their page from here. 


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