7 Incredibly Cool Camping Gadgets of Your Camping Dreams

7 Incredibly Cool Camping Gadgets of Your Camping Dreams

Amazing how things can be re-vamped to seem like a totally NEW IDEA, isn’t it?…

…or just as soon as an idea is done the 1st time, someone figures out a way to make it so much better a different way….know what I mean?

As someone who likes to go camping all the time I look forward to all the new camping gear that comes out every year. I know that most of the time there really is nothing new,  just new versions of things that have been available for years or even decades.

I really like to see how they re-work the old products and make them a “new” one. I just ran across one of the newest YouTube videos on the latest camping gadgets, and you gotta check out these new gadgets. Okay, okay, new versions of the old gadgets….but one or two are completely new or at least a new direction. 😉

There is one that I really like. Imagine being able to sleep in when you’re sleeping in a tent! Can you picture it? I know! I couldn’t either…until I watched this, that is.

Check out the video and maybe you too, can sleep in after the sun comes up!



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