Camp In Style With This Cool New Invention!!

Camp In Style With This Cool New Invention!!

This thing is totally awesome!! What’ll they come up with next?

I was online looking for a replacement bluetooth speaker the other day. After looking at at a bunch of them, Google’s automatic system of “Hey, now that I know what you’re looking for, here are some more for you to look at…”We had just bought one, but the remote didn’t work so we had to take it back. One of the benefits of not buying online, is that you instantly get your money back without waiting for your product to get shipped back to the manufacturer, then have it go through their return processing. But the benefit of buying online it all the cool stuff you find!!

bluetooth speaker lamp

So I’m looking at these bluetooth speakers and google puts a lamp in front of me, but this wasn’t just any lamp. It’s a lamp that’s also a bluetooth speaker. This looks like a great little speaker because it will not only play music through any bluetooth phone, but you can also pop in an SD card with your favorite music or just plug your phone jack in. It’s also got a built in FM Radio and an alarm clock! That’s pretty awesome! in case you need to be on the tee at a specific time, that is…otherwise, who wants to be bothered by an alarm clock while they’re camping? 😉

bluetooh lamp 360

The fact that it’s also a lamp that moves 360 degrees, just ups the cool factor, don’t ya think?

Go to the next page for the video and link to this cool speaker lamp!


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