Camp In Style With This Cool New Invention!!

Camp In Style With This Cool New Invention!!

It can even change it’s colors to match your mood…well, match the music anyway. You can let it change colors on its own or set it for “disco style” where the lights flash to the music. It also comes with a full function remote that lets you change the music and/or the colors of the lamp.No wonder why they call it A La Magic Lamp.

According to the reviews it’s a bright light, but there is not way to hang it, so you can’t use it as a lantern…but how many lanterns play music and change colors? I think this would be great at the table at your favorite camping spot adding a splash of color to the outdoors. You can also rotate the top of the lantern as needed…kind of cool!

Here’s a video that’s less than two minutes long…

Here’s where you get it…Gearbest.     Use Code – GB16SALE for 8% off

We also found a smaller, less expensive one for you as well…

Check the second one out on the next page!


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