Camp In Style With This Cool New Invention!!

Camp In Style With This Cool New Invention!!

Here’s a smaller, less expensive one we found for you. The GoldHorse 2-in-1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, this one is more lantern-like and also works as a flashlight/spotlight. It doesn’t, however, have the disco lights like the first one. It collapses really small too, compared to the magic lamp totally great for a motorcyclists or backpackers who loves their music or even campers who don’t want to pack much.

Goldhorse lamp speaker

It’s also got a microphone so you can receive hand free calls. Last, but not least, it’s got a dimmer switch…which also makes it great for camping. You can have it bright when you’re out hiking or walking at night, trying to find a restroom or you can dim it when you get back into camp and are entering the tent so you don’t wake the other up!

goldhorse 2 in 1 lamp speaker

Check out the video below. Again, it’s under two minutes…

Here’s where you can find this one…Gearbest.    Again… Use Code – GB16SALE for 8% off

Image Source: Gearbest & Gearbest

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