Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Family Camping Tent

Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Family Camping Tent

Summertime is one of the most anticipated time of the year most especially kids and lots of families are packing up the cars and going camping. Camping is something that most families loved to do in order for them to bond and enjoy most moments together. There’s a couple of things that sometimes you kind of wish of thinking or doing before you bought your tent so we are going to tackle the things that you should know when buying a tent and what purpose should be. In buying a tent, you must first choose the exact purpose of the tent each in every season what that really means is that they can last spring, summer, and fall. A four-season then is made mainly for those colder more extreme weather months. They are heavier and made to take more abuse and intensity from the weather including stronger winds, heavier snow compared to a three season tent which cannot handle those type of conditions so there is a huge difference between those two season tents. Tents these days are pretty much a no-brainer on how to put up because they are easy to install, you don’t need to read instructions and anybody can do it.

The most important thing is comfort, you want it to be your base camp and comfortable for all the adventures you’re doing. Most of the effects of comfort are ceiling height. You want to be able to walk into a tent and stand up, move around even the bad weather comes in. You don’t want to be always crouching or only able to stand in the center. It is also really nice when there is versatility such as having mesh on one side and opposite on the other. Some tents have openings which allow air flow that can also be closed if the wind gets a bit friskier. It lets you have a very well ventilated tent that at night you can look at stars. The closure should be either a high-quality zipper or ultra-strong Velcro. Being able to close the opening of your tent also adds a layer of security. Another thing to look for is workmanship, some of these tents are going to be a lot more durable than others so you might want to consider of looking into the quality and how many you can be able to use it and not just the price. When it comes to cost, you have to pick a range that makes sense. If you’re the type of person that goes out once a year and it’s just gonna be for a couple of miles then you’re gonna set up your camp, you don’t need to spend a lot of money but if you are the type of person who loves backpacking then spending higher on buying expensive tents will be a non issue because you will continuously use your tent more frequently. Typically if you are going to spend on a higher amount, you are going to get a better product. You will always have to consider what is the right range for you.

One of the most important aspects of any tent that you’ll need to consider. A tent that doesn’t protect you is absolutely worthless and it is also dangerous. Most people die from hypothermia in the warmer months so you would need a tent that is strong enough that can offer enough protection from the elements to get you through your night or your trip. Your tent’s frame should be made from a strong and durable yet lightweight material-normally steel or aluminum which can be able to withstand corrosion and rust resistance. These frames also make your tent lighter so you can carry it with you anywhere. Again this is one of the most important aspects that you need to focus on. You need to find a tent that offers you good protection and good durability. There are a lot of cheap tents out there that cannot handle thunderstorms and strong winds very well so again if you are buying a tent, you need to research and make sure it can stand up to an average storm.

Next is you have to check it’s dimensions and size. You first need to consider the number of people that will be getting in the tent. Most tents are only made to fit two adults and at least 1 child. Rather than looking only at seated space, you also want to look at the fact that children usually will not only want to sit in the tent but play and move around. If you ever plan on solo backpacking you can get away with a much smaller tent but if you will be sharing your tent with multiple people, tent manufacturers will let you know how many people can fit into that tent. You may also want to choose a tent that’s one larger than the number of people you plan on having in it in case you’d like a lot of extra space or if you plan on backpacking with a dog or small children.

Another big factor is the ease of setup. You want a tent that is easy to carry and from the place, you would like to set up. Most of these tents can be set up within 10 minutes once you get them dialed in. Pop-up tents are typically the easiest to set up, often needing just seconds. Pole tents can make a bit longer.

Weight is also incredibly important. If you’re a car camper and you’re driving someplace and you are not carrying your tent, it really doesn’t matter but if you are gonna be hiking, every single ounce counts because there is a huge difference between one pound or more especially when you are going a far distance. When you look at a tent, there will be two different weights listed. The first is the minimum trail weight and then you have the packaged weight of the tent. The minimum trail weight is going to include the tent body, the main body, the poles, and all the things that you need to set it up. The package weight adds in the stuff sack, the pole bag as well as the stakes, and the pole repair or any guidelines that come with it. Ultimately weight translates to comfort. The lighter the weight of the pack in general and that includes your tent, the more comfortable and fun you are going to have on your adventure the further you will go. That is why weight is very important to consider typically your lighter weight tents you get, the less durable the materials are.

Once you have chosen your tent, we recommend getting a footfprint, it protects the bottom of your tent from rocks and will extend its life.

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