Top Free RV Campsites for 2019

Top Free RV Campsites for 2019

When you have decided to go full time living in an RV, the first thing that you can think about is where to camp so here are the top free campsites of 2019. We are going to share lots of information about some benefits and drawbacks about each location so we are going to start in random order.

1. North Creek Virgin Utah


This is BLM land and it is right outside of Zion National Park. Unlike some of the other free camping spots, this camping spot has a lot of shade and it was right by a creek and these are kind of like why most campers like to get here because there are a lot of areas to explore. You might also want to go there with caution because it has a narrow area that might be difficult for you to turn around your RVs so make sure you will secure an open spot enough to maneuver your rigs. This is a perfect spot where you can just sit in the shade and relax because it has a very comfortable environment. T-mobile and AT&T cell signals are also sufficient for streaming and uploading.

2. Gray Rocks Resevoir Wheatland Wyoming

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Gray Rocks have a huge area and it is managed by the Department of Fish and Wildlife and there is also a 14-days stay limit there. There are plenty of sites right on the water so I think it can accommodate hundreds more of rigs. It is a perfect RV camping spot if you want some privacy attributed to its massive area. There are seven different entry points so I suggest to scout it out first before pulling your rig in there because some of the entryways are a little rougher compared to other sites. If you need to refill your water or dump there is a free station eight miles away at the Lewis City Park in Wheatland. It has a 3G AT&T cell service signal that can definitely stream Netflix. There are also some things to consider about this site is that there is no shopping center nearby so its a little bit far from a place where you could buy some groceries or stock up before you get there.

3. Craggy Wash , Lake Havasu, Arizona

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This is located on BLM land and you need to check in with a camp host for this site. All size rigs can fit in there but it is preferred to be scouted out so that you can be sure you can find a good spot. There are a few gas stations nearby and dump stations as well. It is also known to be one of the most crowded spots but it could be a good thing if you are more into socializing with other campers. The network signals are also very strong and are good enough for streaming and uploading some videos but the only concern here is that there are no water stations for you to fill up so its a big disadvantage for every camper.

4. Cebolla Mesa Campground, Questa New Mexico

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Located in the Carson National Forest where you can also stay only within 14 days. It has a breathtaking overlooking view for a free spot. It is ideal for rigs that are about 20 feet and under. The roads are rough so I may suggest being cautious in driving in your rig especially if you have a big one. It is a really nice location because it is just positioned inside New Mexico which is great because there is a hiking trail that goes down to the Rio Grande River. It is not recommended if you are not used to hiking because it has a long trail and the way there is very steep. The site has a vault toilet which is a sigh of relief. The site also has a very strong network signal which is a plus. You may also want to be cautious with some low hanging branches and some rough and narrow roads so I would not recommend it with campers who have big rigs.

5. Indian Bread Rocks, Bowie, Arizona


This BLM site has exceptional scenery because it offers some of the coolest rock formations in which you can be able to climb in there and take a look at an amazing view of the campground below. It is a very well developed camping site due to the fact that it has some picnic tables and some trash cans. It has a long sand road but it is so worth it when you get there. It also boasts some few hiking trails where you can spot some birds and wild cows. There is also no grocery stores nearby so you might want to stock up first before heading there. Verizon and AT&T signals are available.

6. Lake Hattie Laremie, Wyoming


Considered to have one of the most beautiful waterfront sites, managed by the Department of Fish and Wildlife and only limits you to a 5-day stay. It can accommodate RV’s of any size and it is pretty popular since you can be able to go in there for boating, fishing, and windsurfing. This area may be not suitable for people who want privacy as it is crowded most of the time mainly because it is a popular spot for locals in the area. If you are familiar with Wyoming, you know it is windy so it might disrupt any mobile data signals. It is 4G LTE capable but not recommended for T-mobile users. Shopping stores are located in downtown Wyoming which is a 20-mile drive from the campsite. There is also a refilling water station and a dumping section if you need to refill and dump that only requires you a donation to fund their maintenance expenses.

7. Jackson Mountain Road in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

image/Jacque Aragon (

This is a mountain forest type of camping environment which is amazing if you love that type of camping atmosphere. It is in the national forest and cannot be able to accommodate large size RVs so it might be difficult to secure a front spot. Pagosa is known for its hot springs and beautiful waterfront trail so there a lot of little activities to do in the town. You can be able to feel the mountain vibe so it is a very peaceful nature filled atmosphere and what is amazing is even if it is a mountain road, it has a strong AT&T mobile data signal up goes to the spring. You might also be ready for the weather as it gets freezy mostly during night time.

8. Main Drag 525 Sedona Arizona


It is a forest camping with a 14-day stay limit. There is water available in Flagstaff which is about 35 to 40 miles north in case you need water to dump in. One of the most significant advantages of this campsite is the distance to so many great hiking trails. One of which is the Devils bridge but there are still a few ones in the vicinity which has some stunning views. It is also near some towns like Cottonwood and Jerome where you can explore and do some shopping. The Main Drag 525 can fit all size rigs but beware that it is a wash-boarded road so it is a little rough. As far as network service goes, it has a slow AT&T and T-mobile signals sufficient for some light surfing on the web but unable to do buffer some streaming like watching Youtube or Netflix. A few things to consider about this site is that Sedonas are pretty crowded because of its popularity so you might want to share some spots with other people unless you are lucky and be able to secure a spot on the site.

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