The Most Amazing Glamping Place found in El Nido, Palawan Philippines

The Most Amazing Glamping Place found in El Nido, Palawan Philippines

The place we are going to talk about is in Nacpan Beach El Nido Palawan, Philippines. It is considered as one of the worlds best beaches and is a 45-minute ride from downtown El Nido. It features twin beaches adjacent to one another and joined together by a hill.


The beach view is absolutely stunning and it is where the natural world gets together with modern-day glamping or should we say camping in a luxurious style. The glamping spot where most of the modern and stylish glamping tents are situated boasts it’s elegant interiors with superior quality queen size beds that most 5-star hotels have. Inclusive with amenities (refrigerator, air-conditioned tents, towels and toiletries). The whole place only has 9 tents. Although it is all on a small scale everything’s really in high quality.

There is a very exquisite restaurant called SunMai Nacpan which is right in front of the tents centrally located inside the resort. They serve very delicious meals too.


You can enjoy going for walks during the day in a very spacious 4 km white sand beach with crystal clear waters perfect for snorkeling featuring beautiful corals and amazing healthy marine life.


They have some beachfront bars where you can unwind and have ice cream, ice-cold coconuts drinks and you can pretty much get anything you need. There are some hostels that are right on the water. What is really nice about the beach is that is not jam-packed but it still has so much life because of the bars and hotels that surround it. There are lots of people strolling and lying on the beach. You can get a massage from locals after a tiring day where spas are located at the scenic Nacpan beachfront. There is also a forest in which you can enjoy trekking and get to see a touch of nature where you can see some of El Nido’s exotic wild animals aside from the colorful marine life.

Nothing gets better than swimming in a cool tortoise clearwater beach in Nacpan while you enjoy glamping in its laid back atmosphere.

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