RV Essential Accessories You Must Have

RV Essential Accessories You Must Have

If are planning to buy an RV or you just bought one, you may want to get some items before hitting the road and camp. So here are the top accessories that we recommend for your first RV camping trip.

1 ) Marine Water Filter with Flexible Hose Protector  – even if you plan on drinking on bottled water on your RV, you still need to get a filter. It is an amazing charcoal filter that eliminates a lot of the things that may be coming from your RV park because some water really smells swamp. Either if you don’t have an RV, you should still want to get this because the water coming into your camper is through a hose and sometimes the water that goes out from it smells rubber and you will have that smell all the time even if you are just going to take a shower. It comes with a little adapter so that it doesn’t break off inside of your RV. You hook up the water tap to your hose going into the filter and to your RV. The filter will last up to 4-6 months and the water comes out nice and fresh.

2 ) Drinking-Water Hose – it is designed for drinking, not every water hose has that in fact, some water hoses that you find actually say do not use for drinking so it’s important that you want to find one that can use for drinking water. It’s nice if it’s long because sometimes you may run into a situation where the water spigot is located far from your city water connection. You may want also to choose a non-kink hose so you will not have a hard time rolling it and that doesn’t leak or seep water at either end.

3 ) Brass Inline Water Pressure Regulator – The consistency in water pressure can be damaging to your RV’s water hose and your internal lines so before you hoke up your water, you’re going to get yourself a water pressure regulator. What it does is it takes the RV park water and if the pressure happens to be too high, it will regulate it down so that way it protects your piping on your RV so they won’t burst. A few other features about this water pressure regulator is that it’s made of durable brass construction, and it fits three-quarter inch diameter water hoses.

4 ) Clip-on cooktop cover – This is are some of the useful things if you want to utilize kitchen space. It has 4 rubber feet beneath the wood so it will prevent from sliding down when your driving. It gives additional counter space which is key when you have no counter space at all and you can also use it as a desk. It cleans and can be removed easily if you want to use the stove.

5 ) Drop-Ins Holding Tank Treatment – This is often overlooked, your black tank can get pretty stinky and once you dump and flush it, just drop of this in there. You can actually buy the liquid type but compared to the pod type, you can just toss one in the tank.

6 ) Leveling Blocks – It usually comes in a set of 7-10 and these are specifically 2×2. Most people use them for the application as they drive into their little spot they’re going to camp at. It doesn’t matter if you have an RV or a camper trailer, you are going to put them under the tire so that way the whole RV is leveled. There is nothing worse than rolling off the bed during the night.

7 ) Power Adaptor – If you try to take your 30 amp plug which usually comes with the trailer or RV but you still want to get one because it turns into a regular three-prong electrical outlet plug for 120 volts in your house.

8 ) Solar panel battery set up – This is important because it allows you to go off-grid and still have all the comforts of hookups. Nothing worse than going to get a machine or piece of equipment and having a dead battery

There are maybe more that you may need when you take your RV but it all depends on your RV type or your needs.

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