Get Paid to Go Camping

Get Paid to Go Camping

How exactly can you make a living while you go on camping? or should we say workcamping. There are a couple of different ways that work camping can be described but the most common is a seasonal job where you do duties in exchange for an RV site and possibly an hourly wage on top of that. Most of the time where camping jobs are not very high-paying. A lot of them are very entry-level, they don’t require any special skills or academics which is great because that means that anybody can do them. A lot of people are interested in how can they live a full-time FV lifestyle or go on adventures and still be able to pay their bills because they don’t have some other types of fixed income like other people do. There are a few categories that workcamping jobs fall into but a lot of them revolve around the tourism industry so like in the summer a lot of tourist locations need more help than they could find in the local workplace. There are not a lot of people that live around there to fill all the seasonal jobs that they have so they will look out for RVers, people who travel and entice them in by letting them park on their campground for free if you can work for them in exchange. The tourist and admin task type jobs fall into either retail or restaurant work, tour guides, and housekeeping. It is definitely not the typical corporate world type of jobs when you work camping.

Amazon Camperforce Program

You can also work at Amazon at a fulfillment center, which is a lot of people are familiar with. The application process may take longer sometimes they will call you a month after you pass your application but once you are hired, they will require you to submit a drug test as part of their recruitment process. They also hire seasonal work for campers usually for the holiday peak season in their camper forest program where they provide you with a fully paid campsite. Amazon will pay your campsite 2 days before your first day of work and will also pay for your site 2 days after your last day so you will have time to pack up. That is the big perk and appealing for a lot of full-time RVers, travelers, or people that like to be mobile and move around. They also conduct orientations and will go through the processes of what you are going to be doing, giving you a tour of their massive facility, explaining your schedule and who will you be reporting to. The basic pay is $10.75-$11.50 an hour but they have paid overtime over 40 hours a week but sometimes they would let you work a mandatory 50 hours a week so you can make a lot of money in a short amount of time. There is a pay difference for working night shifts with a 75 cents differential. If you will stay until the end of your contract, you will get an additional $1 an hour for every regular hour worked and a $1.50 bonus for every overtime work. As far as the job duties or task that you can do as part of the camper forest program, there’s some stationary jobs and some mobile jobs. The pros of working with Amazon are the financial benefits and campsites that are being for.

Usually, there are tons of jobs available in the summer and fall RV season. There are so many websites to check out to look for that dream job, one site that hires RV campers is happy vagabonds. They have a lot of job listings available by state and location all across North America including Canada. These jobs pay well ranging from $13 up to $20. Some of them will even provide you with an RV place to park for free but if you don’t want to work, there’s also a lot of host programs. The provincial government of British Columbia sponsors a program between them and their contractors where you can get a site and you almost have to do like nothing, to get a free site and just be a host. One of the critical things that will make a difference of whether they’re able to be successful that’s if they can continue to earn income on the road.

Beet Harvest work camping


This is a seasonal work camping opportunity, work usually starts around at the end of September each year. They have very hard work compared to Amazons and the schedule is 15 days in a row in 12 hours a day with no rest days. You will make $13.25 an hour and the work is usually on the day shift which is 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. but from 5 pm onwards you will get additional pay which sometimes could reach up to almost $20 an hour. Saturdays and Sundays have different rates that pay you $20 or more an hour. It entails physically demanding work on outdoor and you are going to be always standing on concrete for 12 hours but there are also a couple of different jobs that you could work and most people would end up being what’s called a sample taker and the job would entail you to stand next to a gigantic beet piling machine on a concrete slab and the trucks are coming in from the farm fields and they are dropping their beets off at this machine and then takes the beets, puts them on a conveyor and spits them back out at the back end of the machine into a gigantic beet pile and as the season wears on the machine moves down the concrete slab so the whole operation is you are going to be piling these beets for 12 hours a day. A tip if you are a pet owner in which some of the RVers and full-time nomads are, is talk to your neighbors at the campsite which is pet owners too because you may want to exchange shifts in babysitting your pets especially if either of you has 2 different shifts. So you will need to establish some trust with each other for you to be able to that. Another option is some campers will board their pets. There are local boarding services for pets where you can just and leave your pets off there. The actual job is pretty and the only thing that you are going to be dealing with is the long hours and the elements but it is rewarding once you can adjust to the environment.

For some people who love to camp a lot or for nomads who travel all the time, they consider this kind of work as totally worth it as they could not spend the money that they earn as often compared to most people working on a regular 9-5 job will do in cities.

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